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Scalp Micro-pigmentation

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About Scalp Micro-pigmentation

Scalp micro-pigmentation is camouflaging of bald area on the head so that it apprears as if there is small hair in that area. This adds to the look of the face hence many people want it to get it done.

Who Can Go For Scalp Micro Pigmentation

  1. People who are bald
  2. People for whom hair transplant cannnot be done due to some reason.
  3. Post hair transplant for virtually increasing the thickness of the hair.
  4. For covering alopecia affected areas.
  5. For reddening of lips
  6. For covering scars and accident marks that are left on the bald area.
  7.  Eye-brow shaping and beard shaping
  8. Covering white patches of Vitiligo

Scalp Micro Pigmentation Procedure

The place where pigmentation is done is marked, a suitable color with which pigments need to be done is chosen based on the skin color and hair color. Then pigments are made on the area like people do tattooing on the skin with needle. This is why it is also called hair tattooing.


Does scalp micropigmentation hurt?


What is the cost of scalp micro pigmentation?

Cost varies based on the requirement. For very small areas it costs INR 10k and it can go upto INR 2 Lakhs.

How many sessions are required?

Only one session is required, when the area pigmented is large, 2 consecutive sessions may be required.

Are there any side effects associated?

No, there are no side effects associated.


  1. Very few clinics offer this rare service and we are one of them
  2. We are having experience of more than 7 years in doing scalp micropigmentation
  3. 24/7 availability for aftercare.
  4. Long-lasting results with a hairline that suits your face.
  5. Our clientele includes actors, businessmen, politicians, models, and other celebrities from many fields.
  6. The procedure is done by an experienced dermatologist (Dr. Harish Prasad) and his team of technicians.
  7. We do all types of pigments: scalp, lips, eyebrows, beard, covering alopecia and vitiligo.



Dr Harish Prasad did a very well job of camouflaging the bald area of my head. Now I feel confident and people do not know it is pigment, they think they are normal hairs. Ink selection was brilliant (slightly greenish black color was chosen). Thank you Vitals Klinic. Highly recommended place for micro-pigmentation.


I had gone to Vitals Klinic for permanent makeup. Treatment was involved of reddening of lips, eyebrow shaping and putting eyeliner. Now all the time in the world is saved! People say I look beautiful naturally. Have recommended many of my friends.


Highly recommended place! The staff are polite, doctor is experienced and they did the work very professionally. The cost was also not high. The best part is people do not recognize the virtual hair tattoo.