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Dark Circle Removal Treatment

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About Dark Circles Removal Treatment

The round darker shades that are developed under the eyes are generally called dark circles. Being real beauty spoilers, people want dark circles gone for good. Why the hell do they develop? Below are the causes:

Causes of Dark Circles

  1. Stress
  2. Sleep disturbances
  3. Night shifts
  4. Constant exposure to laptops
  5. Genetic
  6. Atopic skin
  7. Thyroid conditions
  8. Refractive errors of the eye
  9. Frequent nasal congestion
  10. Unprescribed usage of Cosmetics

Though the list seems unending, we have got it treated whatever the reason may be. So what are the treatment types that we do at our clinic? Check below:

Treatment Methods of Dark Circles

  1. Chemical peels
  2. Laser Treatment
  3. Fillers Treatment


How many sessions are required for treatment of dark circles?

Generally, 4 sessions are recommended but it all depends on the treatment type and severity.

Is Vitals dark circle reduction procedure safe?

Yes, it is safe with no side effects associated.

How shall I ensure the dark circles won't come back again.

Our dermatologist will guide you certain things depending upon the cause of dark circles and treatment recommended.

What is the duration of each session?

10mins to 1 hour, generally takes 30 mins.

Can I go out in the sunlight right after the treatment?

Yes, you can go out in the sunlight but applying sunscreen is a must.

Are medications give along with the treatment?

This depends on a lot of factors but mostly yes.

Can I return to do my regular activities after a treatment session?

Yes, you can. Anything proscribed or prescribed will be informed beforehand.


  1. The advanced treatments like lasers and fillers are done for dark circles.
  2. Long-lasting results.
  3. 24/7 availability for aftercare.
  4. The procedure is done by an experienced dermatologist (Dr. Harish Prasad) and his trained team of technicians.
  5. More than 1000+ dark circles treated.
  6. Our clientele includes actors, businessmen, politicians, models, and other celebrities from many fields.


What Our Patients Say

Very good dark circles removal treatment. I am now free of undereye dark circles and look much more pretty than I used to be. The cost was also not high. The clinic environment was also very good. Thank you Vitals for such a great treatment.


I got dark circles as a result of weight loss and due to which my look was spoiled but Dr Harish Prasad understood the problem very well and gave treatment in 4 sessions. Now I can't thank enough the entire Vitals team for helping me regain a good look. Highly recommended!


Though I got clear smooth skin, I was very hesitant to take selfies for I had under eye dark circles. I consulted Dr Harish Prasad with many doubts in my mind but he listened with patience and suggested dark circle removal treatment along with some medications. And guess what now my friends ask me to take selfies with me