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About Hair Transplant


Hair Transplant is a revolutionary treatment for baldness. The transplanted hairs can be cut or trimmed or shaved and they grow back like natural hairs which makes hair transplant highly sought after procedure. There have been many advancements in the techniques followed to enhance efficiency, better hair growth, faster hair growth, overall a better and lasting look that one desires.

Hair Transplant Cost

It being one of the most discussed topics about hair transplant, we’ll try to give you a fair idea about the cost of hair transplant. Cost depends on many factors as

  • The technique followed: among FUT and FUE, FUE costs higher as it is an advanced technique.
  • Type of hair transplant done: Beard to head hair transplant, female hair transplant, head to beard transplant, Body hair transplant, long hair transplant, non-shave FUE hair transplant, eyebrow transplant, and repair hair transplant. Each of the types requires special expertise and experience to perform the procedure (at vitals we do every procedure mentioned) and cost also varies accordingly.
  • Reputation and experience of hair transplant surgeon and clinic: Don’t give your head to anyone experiment on it. Always get it done from an expert hair transplant surgeon who has a passion for it. (“that is why I have a clientele of celebrities”, says our Dr. Harish Prasad)
  • No. of grafts prescribed: This is decided solely by hair transplant surgeon depending upon the extent of baldness. Cost per graft generally varies from rs 25 to 45 and total hair transplant cost varies from 25k to 1.5 lakh INR.

As many factors involved it is always better to get an appointment with our doctor to know in detail, call 92068 69610. Note: Scroll down to check out before after images   


When can I expect to grow hairs from post hair transplant?

Hairs start growing in just 3 months. It takes 12 to 18 months to see fully-grown hair results.

I have very less hairs in donor area what should I do?

Do not worry! if grafts in the donor area are less, then we take them from the beard or other body parts. This usually we do for people who want hair transplant done for second time. (20-25 years after first hair transplant)

Does hair transplant procedure hurt?

Almost No. Local anesthesia is given so the pain is minimal. During the procedure, most of our clients fall asleep or listen to music.

How much time does it take to perform hair transplant?

3 to 8 hours. You need keep a day aside for this procedure.

I have more doubts what should I do?

Kindly call us at +92068 69610 we are always there to clear your doubts. OR fill the form at the top and we'll only call you.

Hair Transplant Procedure


Why Choose Us

  1. The advanced FUE technique is used for maximum benefits.
  2. Long-lasting results with a hairline that suits your face.
  3. Hair is implanted in the direction of hair growth.
  4. 24/7 availability for aftercare.
  5. The procedure is done by an experienced dermatologist (Dr. Harish Prasad) and his team of technicians.
  6. More than 1000+ Hair Transplants done.
  7. We do all types of hair transplants: Female hair transplant, repair hair transplant, beard and eyebrow transplant, Body hair transplant etc.
  8. Our clientele includes actors, businessmen, politicians, models, and other celebrities from many fields.


What Our Patients Say

I got very good results. Baldness is no longer a worry and my look has changed to how I used to look with full hairs on my head. All thanks to Dr Harish, who gave me such a good look. Now I feel confident as it is always nice to see the better version of you. This is like facelift for me! Highly recommended for Hair Transplant.


I can't thank enough the whole vitals team for giving me such a great look. I liked the atmosphere, aftercare, passion, perfection and professionalism. The cost was also moderate. Visit this for hair transplant and your life will change for good!


I am a girl who suffered from baldness and very few clinics in Bangalore offered female hair transplant as it a bit complicated procedure. Dr. Harish was so polite and listened to all my concerns with patience. He did the procedure very carefully and gave me the look that I desired. Go to this clinic without a second thought if you are looking for best hair transplant clinic.