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About Us

VITALS Stands for Vitiligo, Injectables, Transplants, Aesthetics, Lasers and Surgeries. We at Vitals have the solution for all the hair and skin related problems. Our Dr Harish Prasad has passion for dermatology. Making people smile when they see themselves in the mirror and compare themselves with their previous versions is what makes him happy (due to which he has many celebrity clients).

Though started very humbly, now we have reached grass root level in our field by offering rare treatments like advanced vitiligo surgeries, dermal fillers, scalp micro-pigmentation, ear lobe repair, nail surgeries etc. apart from normal treatments like hair transplant, laser hair removal, skin whitening, tightening and rejuvenation, acne and acne scars treatment etc.

Quality service is what makes us stand out from the crowd. Visit us and you can always become a better version of yourself. Also, do check out our video which explains better.


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Patient testimonials


Laser Hair Removal

I had got done my full body laser hair removal at this place. The entire staff and the doctor were very polite. Their USFDA approved laser machine is the best as it doesn't hurt and takes very less time for procedures. The cost was also not high. I am happy with my results and have recommended many of my friends to this place.


Acne Treatment

I had gone for upperlip laser hair reduction and the results are very good as all my facial hairs have been vanished. Now I have more confidence than before. The doctor was very friendly and responded to all my queries with patience. Highly recommended place for laser hair reduction of any part.


Acne Scar Treatment

My experience at Vitals has been awesome as I am living unwanted hair free life. No need of waxing again and again. Time saving and money also if you think in the long term. Now I don’t have to think twice before wearing a sleeveless to party, what could be better than that! Go for Laser Hair Removal at Vitals without a second thought.


Laser Hair Removal

I am writing this review 2 months after my 3rd session of underarms laser hair removal, the results are very good as I can see 70% reduction in unwanted hair growth. Thinking to go for full body laser hair removal soon. Highly recommended for laser hair removal.