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About Hair Fall Treatment

There are hundreds of shampoos, oils, gels etc which claim to treat hair fall but how many of them are really effective? and do any shampoo or oil which worked for someone will work the same way for you? Like all these questions, patients that visit us for hair fall or hair loss treatment ask us. And to all these questions the correct and scientific answers are given only by a dermatologist and we have the best dermatologist who has helped many people to regrow hairs.

With thousands of people regrowing hairs (scroll down to check before after images), our dermatologist, Dr Harish Prasad has got the secret to grow hairs. If you are looking to thicken your hairs and stop hair loss, please book an appointment or call us at +91 9206869610


What are the procedures/treatment methods used for hair fall?

We do, hair transplants, low level laser therapy, dermaroller, medications etc and some times we opt for combination of these treatments to get best results.

Does the procedure hurt?

The procedures are virtually painless. If required we give local anesthesia so the patients do not experience any pain. Do not worry, your safety and comfort are our priority.

Am I eligible for this procedure?

You need to consult our Dr. Harish Prasad and he'll prescribe the suitable procedure.

What is the cost of hair fall treatment?

The cost depends on the treatment procedure prescribed.

Can I do my normal day activities after the procedure?


Are there any side effects associated with the treatment?

No, there are no side effects associated with the treatment.

Can I check before after pics of any of your previous patients?

Scroll down we have some sample pics of how would it look after getting hair fall treatment from our clinic.

I have more doubts what shall I do?

Kindly call us and we are ready to answer even silliest of your doubts.


  1. All machines used in our clinic are USFDA approved.
  2. Virtually painless procedure.
  3. We are available 24/7 on call for all your queries.
  4. Fast procedure (Takes only 15 minute to 30 minutes).
  5. The procedure is done only by trained and certified nurses/doctors.
  6. Affordable price.
  7. More than 10000+ satisfied people
  8. We do hair transplants if required


I visited vitals clinic for hair loss treatment. Doctor explained me in detail about treatment after thorough examination to find the cause (lifestyle, stress, medications, hereditary factors etc). I have regained some of my lost hairs. and also my hairs are thicker than they used to be. Highly recommended place if you are experiencing hair loss.
I recently came to Bangalore and my hairs started to fall at around 50 to 100 per day, I didn't know the reason food or water or something else. When I visited Vitals clinic I had a lot of doubts but doctor was very polite and listened to everything I told him and cleared all my doubts. I was suggested combination of treatments and they worked well. Now I got my confidence back and the hair fall stopped significantly.
Vitals clinic has helped me to stop hair loss which I was experiencing due to stress. The clinic ambiance is very good. The staff were very polite and responded to silliest of the doubts I had. The cost of the treatment was also moderate which makes this place highly recommended. All credits go to Dr Harish Prasad.

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