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About Vitiligo Treatment

Vitiligo or white patches or leucoderma is a skin condition where there is Loss Of pigmentation, due to either damage or death of the pigment-producing cell in the skin.

Causes of Vitiligo

  • It’s an autoimmune condition ie ones own body immunity is destroying the pigment cells randomly
  • It can also be due to simple deficiencies of vitamins and minerals.
  • Other diseases like thyroid, diabetes or pernicious anemia can be associated or can trigger Vitiligo.
  • Stress is a major aggravating factor.
  • Sometimes trauma, infection and even fever can trigger it

What should I do if I get white patches?

Not all white patches are Vitiligo, there are many conditions which present as white like a fungal infection, IGH, LSEA, morphea and hence an expert examination is required

People say there is no treatment of Vitiligo

It’s the past now, there are various treatment modalities at vitals starting from simple creams, supplements, phototherapy, excimer lamp and the more advanced treatments like Melanocyte transplantation.

There could be many more doubts regarding these diseases, please go through FAQs and if you still have doubts, we are just a call away at 92068 69610


When is the ideal time for taking treatment?

One should consult fast so that our expert dermatologist can help to stop the further spread and treat the existing ones.

What is light treatment or photo-therapy?

It’s a simple and safe treatment that helps to stimulate the pigment-producing cells. It can be given to all ages and even during pregnancy.

What is the duration of treatment ?

It depends on the type and stage of Vitiligo and may range from 6months to 2 years.

Will Vitiligo spread to others?

No, it doesn’t spread by touch or sharing common things.

Does treatments require any blood test?

Yes , to know if there are any deficiencies and other organ function and also to know other autoimmune disease like thyroid.


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What Our Patients Say

Vitals gave me a completely new life. now people won't stare at me as if I am an alien. I also feel confident when socializing. Vitiligo free life is like a dream come true for me. I can't thank enough Dr. Harish Prasad who treated me with dedication and perfection. Highly recommended!


I never thought my skin color would become normal. All credits to Dr. Harish Prasad for this whole new life. People around are just amazed to see me! The best place to get vitiligo treatment and also affordable.


Vitiligo is no more a problem when you visit Vitals Klinic! I had a very good experience and it was one of the life-changing decisions I made to take treatment for vitiligo at Vitals