About Nail Surgery

Nail surgery is done when nails are grown abnormally in direction, size and shape. It is always better to go for a certified dermatosurgeon who has previously performed surgeries for better looking of nails.

Nail Surgery Procedure

It is a surgical procedure only a few dermatosurgeon know how to operate and we are glad to have Dr Harish Prasad who has done many in-grown nail surgeries. With his experience and expertise, many patients have got their nail problems sorted out. We follow strict protocols while operating so the pain is minimum (local anesthesia is given) and recovery is speedy. Note: The operation/procedure needs to be done by the experienced dermatosurgeon himself. Let's look at the FAQs:


Does nail surgery hurt?

Very less pain will be there, as the surgery is done under local anesthesia.

What is the cost of nail surgery

Depends on the number nails, Book an appointment with us to know more.

I am doubtful whether to go for nail surgery or not, please suggest me.

Consult our dermatosurgeon and he'll clear all the doubts you have.

Will my nail be removed after the surgery?

Not in all cases. It depends on the case to case to whether nail should be removed or not.

I still have many doubts, what to do?

Contact us! (call or whatsapp or fill out form above)


  1. Virtually painless treatment as local anesthesia will be given.
  2. 24/7 availability for aftercare.
  3. The procedure is done by an experienced dermatosurgeon (Dr. Harish Prasad) and his team of technicians.
  4. More than 100+ nail surgeries done.
  5. We do surgery for all types of nail problems.
  6. Our clientele includes actors, businessmen, politicians, models, and other celebrities from many fields.


I visited vitals for nail surgery as my toe was very distorted and was causing problem whenever I wore shoes. Dr Harish Prasad did my surgery very well and now the problem is solved for good. I am really thankful to the entire team at vitals. Go to vitals clinic blindfolded for nail surgeries.
The ambience here at vitals clinic is so good, the staff are very polite and respond to your silliest of the doubts. Dr Harish Prasad is very skilled person and he fixed my nail which was causing problem. Even after the surgery the nail looks good.
I am delighted to see the results: My nail has been fixed, it looks good after surgery also and the surgery was almost painless. I was charged moderately and was worth going to this clinic for nail surgery in Bangalore.

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